What Does Your Digital Storefront Look Like?

June 7, 2022
Samantha Moeller Director - Strategic Communications

You invest in your company’s physical space, but what does your Digital Storefront really look like?

66% of the customer journey in 2022 is digital, even for those that value face-to-face contact above anything else in the purchasing journey.

Your Digital Storefront is your website and social media – your future consumer’s first impression of your brand, setting the tone for the level of quality, credibility and value your company has.

MA Productions

Life in 2022 is digital first. Over 80% of your consumers will experience your brand digitally before ever stepping foot physically in your space – which includes talking to a human live.

In today’s world, “consumer” doesn’t just mean people purchasing your product or service – it includes the top tier talent you’re trying to recruit, the companies you’re trying to partner with and the people you want to impress.

So what is your digital storefront saying? 

Whether or not you knew the name (term), you know what I’m talking about. Have you ever Googled restaurants and changed your mind after reading negative reviews? Ever looked up a hotel, or Airbnb, and changed your mind because of the photos? YES!

74% of consumers use between three and seven touchpoints when engaging with brands – think your Instagram page, website, blog posts, Google reviews, Facebook, and LinkedIn – for example.

This is the Digital Storefront experience, and if the experience isn’t consistent between your physical space – be it your office, retail shop, restaurant, etc. – and your digital space – you’re missing out on a major opportunity to move potential consumers through the customer journey, bringing them to the point of purchase and through a continued relationship cycle.

My job is to serve as the architect for your Digital Storefront – my team designs, and builds – the content you need to:

  • drive web traffic
  • increase engagement
  • grow your reach
  • develop your brand’s reputation and identity
  • build customer loyalty

The proof is in the numbers – 93% of companies have acquired new customer(s) via social media.

Video expedites buying by 72% versus plain print.

A website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video.

Now let’s talk about what you need for success.

What do you need to consider when auditing your Digital Storefront?

Be honest.

Ask yourself this – if someone never stepped into your physical space, or had a conversation with a member of your team, would you be proud of the impression they’d have from your website and social media?

Does your website and social media tell the story you want shared about what your brand values?

Does your website and social media establish all modes of persuasion for your potential consumers – ethos, logos and pathos – for all types of people to be convinced you’re the company for them?

Less than impressed with your current Storefront?

That’s ok – there’s always ways every brand can be better. 

The Productions team works with our clients to determine how they want to position their brand – looking at product, price, placement and promotion to create the best customized content plan and strategy.

Then, we work through a series of mixed media that will create unique value for their current, target and potential consumers.

Examples of content we create include:


  • Photography (including lifestyle, headshots, event photography, architectural)
  • Videography (including Reels + TikToks)
  • Gif Creation
  • Drone Photography
  • Podcast Production + AV Services
  • 3D Visualizations + Renderings
  • Virtual Fly-Throughs
  • VR/AR Experiences
  • Metaverse Design + Development
  • Digital Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting + Brand Persona Building
  • Content Calendar Planning
  • Social Media Management
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Schedule Coordination + Planning
  • Brand Guidelines

It sounds like a lot, and it seems like people are doing a lot, so why should you?

According to Yale University, new research proves that despite a huge number of brands competing for customers’ attention – likely the result of an oversaturated marketing market – customers now begin their journey considering fewer brands than ever before. Brands need to try harder to get their message through to their target audiences and create awareness as the initial consideration phase is more directly linked to the moment of purchase.

Before MA Productions

Now, let’s talk about strategy.

Any good marketing strategy should ask the below questions – which extends to any, and all, digital marketing efforts.

  1. How can you create value for the customer?
  2. How can you capture value in the process?
  3. How do you continue to do this?

We take Fogg’s Behavior Model (illustrated below) and determine the best ways your content can trigger action, create ability to engage and motivate consumers to behave the way you want them to.

Fogg’s Behavior Model

It’s a really fancy way of saying we help figure out ways to get the people you want to reach to do what you want them to do.

Which is where the Productions Team comes in – after all – if I gave away all of my secrets in this blog how strategic would that be? Besides, you’ve now had an experience in our Digital Storefront – so I encourage you to continue the conversation, perhaps even analog, to talk about your brand and how we can help reach your goals specifically.