Need a Break from the News? 12 Things to Keep You Positive, and Entertained

March 17, 2020
Samantha Moeller Director - Communications + Productions

It’s important to stay informed, but overconsumption of media in times like a pandemic can lead to an anxiety cycle that’s hard to break, feelings of being overwhelmed, and a general state of unease.

We’re here to help break that cycle, giving you something else to think, and talk, about besides – well – you know.

Check out the 12 things that energize us, inspire us, and drive our passion for the future.

1. The Ohio State University’s College of Nursing – Newton Hall Project

Check out this exclusive interview from Dean Bern Melynk, Ohio State’s first-ever CWO (Chief Wellness Officer) as she talks about MA’s latest project with the University in conjunction with ikon.5 architects. Newton Hall will be Ohio State’s first-ever WELL certified building, prioritizing mental health and wellness for students and faculty on the college campus.


2. Raising Our Standards on Accessible Design – Beyond ADA

For the first time in history, MA hosted a multi-generational design charrette with one goal; learning how to design accessible spaces better for those that truly need it from their own perspective. Check out our findings in the firm’s first “vlog” with interviews from designers firmwide sharing their findings and solutions.


3. Feeling Overwhelmed? Racing Thoughts Keeping You Up At Night? Read this.

Educate yourself on the concept of GABA, and what happens in your body when it’s low – including having trouble loosening up, feeling frustrated, and even cold hands and feet. MA’s Respite Room concept was built to support the central nervous system, decreasing hyperarousal and increasing GABA and feelings of well-being.

4. What is a Safe Space?

In this expose by trained Psychology expert and Architect, Kevin Mullinax explores what a safe space is, and the power the built environment has over the way we feel.

5. Save Money, and Sit Pretty – Furniture Guru’s Here to Help

“Furniture Guru” Kim Frencho shares inside scoop on how to decrease cost and increase quality with one simple trick, and lots of great ways to save.

6. Use This Time for Creative Play to Get Ahead Professionally

Experiential Design Lead, Chelsea Curry, shares a feature article about the power of creative play. For the first time ever, people have the chance to be bored, which historically has been the time the most brilliant things have been created. The time will pass anyway, so why not use this as a chance to explore creative play, increase productivity and come up with some really innovative ideas.

7. We Need to Support Our Seniors – Now and Forever.

Brandi Patterson, recently registered Architect and Senior Living expert, shares her experience as a volunteer at a Senior Living Facility and how spending the time to really understand how they live helps position her as a stronger designer.

8. Sustainability: If We Don’t Start Today, We Won’t Have a Tomorrow

MA’s Sustainability Team just won a national award for “Most Sustainable Business” and a USGBC Ohio Sustainability and Energy Project Award for Wyandot Lodge. Check out this video learning the ways MA leads sustainable design for you, and how it can be the most cost and socially conscious choice for your project.


9. Meet the Families of A Kid Again

No one can speak to the support of A Kid Again better than the families themselves. In this video, you’ll meet three of our favorite families, and kids, that drive our passion behind joining the organization’s mission to support children with life-threatening illnesses.

10. What Does a Child Astronaut and Juicy Burger Have in Common?

Besides the fact that both are amazing, check out this video Astronaut Harrison’s adventure at the new White Castle Corporate Home Office. Our interior’s team took a bite out of the ultimate workplace challenge, creating a space that has everyone talking – and sliding – around town.

11. 33 Questions Interviews You Don’t Want to Miss

Think you know MA’s boldest and brightest? Guess again. Check out some of the most epic 33 Question videos we’ve ever shot, including the Principals Carrie Boyd, Lori Bongiorno, Seth Oakley and just released – Mark Daniels. Starting from the beginning with Senior Interior Designer Kelly Eyink, moving throughout the firm to Senior Living Studio Director Russ Garber, and of course, the Healthcare studio’s very own Rob Kerr.

12. Let’s Keep Perspective, And Remain an Attitude of Gratitude.

Our Corporate and Social Responsibility Partners help us maintain a perspective of gratitude, reminding us of those that need it most in the times they have the least. We’re constantly exploring opportunities to give back with our partners at A Kid Again, Habitat for Humanity and Dress for Success. Check out these videos from our volunteer opportunities with these organizations and start brainstorming ideas on ways you can volunteer and get involved soon!