Creative Disruptors Virtual Presentation

March 26, 2020
Mark Bryan Director - Innovation + Research, Senior Interior Designer

About Mark

Award-winning Interior Designer, Mark Bryan, is known for his most marked characteristic of an unbridled desire for continued learning and exploration. Mark leads MA’s Research and Innovation team, finding evidence-based design solutions that will enhance the quality of spaces and enrich the lives of those who interact within.

Mark’s curiosity leads him to explore unconventional approaches, bringing him to new solutions for today’s challenges that benefit our projects, practice, and community. His hope is to energize clients and colleagues alike, to push past limits and break boundaries by communicating a vision through storytelling.

As the firm’s advocate for Wellness and Mental Health design based-solutions, Mark works to break the stigma of “taking a break means losing productivity,” by educating others on the psychological and physiological benefits of self-care.

If you’re interested in learning more, continue the conversation by contacting Mark Bryan, Senior Interior Designer + Futurist, at MA Design.